Shea Butter Diaper Rash Cream

Shea Butter Diaper Rash Cream

If you are trying to find a natural product which can help keeping diaper rash at bay, your skin smooth and not sore, then….

Shea butter is your best choice.

African Shea Butter And It’s Main Uses from BurstingWithNature on Vimeo.

Although you can use other compounds to achieve your goal, but trust me, Shea butter is worth trying. You will like its effect!

Shea butter has existed for thousands of years being used as part of the cosmetic industry. It is used in some countries in cooking since it is an edible fat. This antioxidant rich oil is also loaded with essential fatty acids and other vital nutrients. Its greater efficacy is due to its nutrient content.

Shea butter is very effective in treating skin problems such as dry itchy skin, diaper rash, psoriasis, acne and eczema to name a few. It has natural vitamin s and minerals which acts as the anti inflammatory agents, hence it provides relief for most skin conditions.

It is used as a moisturizer since its attributes are almost identical to the human sebum. Your body produces sebum through the sebaceous gland which is usually washed off every time you take a bath. This strips your skin of its natural oil and can lead to all sorts of problems.

You have to replenish what is lost to keep your skin smooth and healthy and using a good moisturizer does help. However, finding a good moisturizer is not that easy since one of the most common moisturizer ingredients that you can find is petrolatum. And most lotions contain mineral oil which is also considered as liquid petrolatum. Petrolatum is derived from petroleum commonly used as fillers in many moisturizers but it is not compatible with the sebum on your skin. The moisturizers that contain this ingredient give your skin a greasy feeling and may trigger pimples. Raw and unrefined Shea butter on the other hand does not clog your pores and nor does it dry you out as it is 100% pure and natural.