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African Shea Butter ★★★★☆

African Shea Butter – Raw, Unrefined, 100% Natural And Pure

I’ve never used African Shea Butter before. It’s actually made from the oil of a shea tree nut. When I first place it in my hand, it is gritty, but with the heat of my skin, it melts and the result is a creamy, oily, buttery sensation. Imagine what butter is like and you get the idea of what this will look like when it’s on.

What impressed me was to see drops of water bead up like it would on the hood of a freshly waxed car. Moisture is repelled both ways, so I put it on after I wash and dry my hands and apply moisturizer. The shea butter goes on top to lock it all in. My hands look so nice afterwards.

The container is marked as pure shea butter. It has a rich, earthy scent. I would prefer a scent be added, but if you’re a purist, this could be what you are seeking.

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