African Shea Butter – Nature’s Best-Kept Beauty Secret

African Shea Butter – Nature’s Best-Kept Beauty Secret

Looking good and feeling great has been a key driver behind the use of African Shea Butter ( over the past centuries
African Shea Butter - Nature's Best-Kept Beauty Secret
African Shea Butter - Nature's Best-Kept Beauty Secret

African Shea Butter – Nature’s Best-Kept Beauty Secret

October 8, 2013 – Leigh on Sea, United Kingdom (WHOLEWORLD) — The innovative folks over at Bursting With Nature have captured the ‘fun factor’ in a new video series being released during October 2013.

African Shea Butter ( has remarkable and totally natural qualities that have stood the test of both time and clinical evaluations so it is only fitting that a video celebrating Shea butter should be released by a company which have specialised into providing the Shea butter that has traditionally been the life blood of thousands of women’s health and beauty over hundreds of years.

Within the Shea butter industry it has become customary for videos to be dowdy with staunch messages informing viewers about everything from why yellow Shea butter tends to have bugs in it to the perils of using supermarket products which claim to be rich in Shea butter.

Bursting With Nature have cleverly avoided this market saturated area, leaving a video strongly decked in the feel good factor which is a rather more fitting subject for a product which does exactly that for anyone who takes a moment to know what to look for when buying Shea butter (

The buying team behind Bursting With Nature are confident enough in their product due to the care taken in sourcing it from the ladies in Ghana, that they offer a money back guarantee levying it unsurprising that they have made a song and dance out of their product for this light and entertaining short video.

The good news, for all those who enjoy both the information and delivery in the new video is that this is the first in a series which have been pre ordered with each new video adding more information – so it seems highly likely the ‘age old’ warnings and teachings will be available in a way that speaks to their targeted audience, assuming that the ladies who are looking for a natural face cream without every chemical jammed into it still have a sparkle in their eyes!

About Bursting With Nature

Bursting With Nature only promotes the highest quality products from sustainable and 100% natural sources where no additives, preservatives or chemicals are used in their production.
Every jar of Shea butter sold helps the ladies of Ghana who use this money to help feed their families – Bursting with Nature believes fair trade is fantastic – but trading fairly is better for those who do the work. Bursting With Nature and African Shea Butter ( are like hand and glove.

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