African Shea Butter Uses

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African Shea Butter…

African Shea Butter And Nuts

African Shea Butter And Nuts


If you are not new to cosmetic products particularly for skin rejuvenation, then you must have heard what Shea butter is.

Where does Shea Butter come from?

Shea nuts are harvested and sorted before they can be processed. Harvesting of Shea nuts is done once the nuts have fallen on the ground and are picked up for processing by the women in western & central parts of Africa. Shea butter production is the major sustainable resource in Africa. The good thing about the Shea tree, or what is locally known as Karite tree, is that it grows in the wild, uncultivated – hence organically grown as no pesticides or other chemicals are sprayed on the trees.  The tree only produces nuts(fruit) once it has reached 25 years of age.

Who creates the Shea butter?

There are many women cooperatives which work with Shea Butter production and the profits derived from this work usually sustain the entire village. As such, when you buy Shea butter, you are contributing not just with jobs but also with education of the locals. Imagine by using Shea Butter in your daily skin care routine you can make the lives of other people better.

What is the best Shea butter for your skin? Refined or unrefined?

African Shea butter, when produced using environmentally-friendly techniques, is natural, pure and raw. Many people prefer this unrefined,  natural Shea butter more, because it retains the essential nutritive & healing properties that you might not find in manufactured & refined Shea butter products. The Shea butters’ natural healing properties are also retained when it is produced manually. It si incredibly hard work to produce Shea butter as you can’t produce a paste-like consistency if you are not going to work hard on pounding, grinding, mixing and kneading the Shea nuts.

Why use African Shea butter?

Basically, unrefined Shea butter has been Africa’s best kept beauty secret for keeping young looking and healthy skin. When it is in its purest and most natural form, Shea butter is very effective in rejuvenating and moisturizing the skin.

Shea butter is easily absorbed by the skin,  unlike other creams and lotions, Shea butter will not leave your skin feeling greasy. It contains vitamins E and A which fight free radicals. Free radicals causes the skin it to age prematurely. If you use Shea butter regularly, its nutritive properties can actually promote skin renewal.

Shea butter will costs less than other lotions and creams. Many large cosmetic brands use  Shea butter as part of their ingredients in products such as face scrubs,body butters and creams. Shea butter can be used all over the body including your hair and even your the soles of your feet.